Brembo Brakecaliperset hinten,msx

Brembo Caliper including caliperbraket cnc made

fits for MSX (rear) all with original Brakediskdiameter

Braking Comparison : 30 mph to Zero
Front & Rear Together
STOCK . 29.5’ Avg. of 10 Attempts
Brembo Upgraded Calipers .24.5' Avg. of 10 Attempts

Rear Brakes Only
STOCK .83.0’ Avg. of 5 Attempts
Brembo Upgraded Calipers .68.5' Avg. of 5 Attempts ( Limited by Rear Tire Traction on Cold Pavement)

This was amazing. We knocked off nearly 20' with the Rear Brake upgrade only. Combined BOTH Upgrades it was 5' Shorter distance. And remember, this is only going 30 mph to ZERO. Most likely doing 40 or 50 to ZERO Stops would yield even More contrast from STOCK vs. the Brembo Upgrades.

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